Our Rooms

Our rooms are designed to give our guests privacy, comfort and security during their stay. Large and extra-large kennels have access to an outdoor run while our small dog kennels are located in a separate and cozy room. All kennel doors have a tempered glass window making them well lit and open feeling. All rooms have heated tile flooring, raised Kuranda beds and constant access to water. 

Our Common Areas

Our property has several outdoor play areas allowing us to group suitable dogs together based on personality, size and age. This also allows us to accommodate guests that would prefer to be on their own. Our largest play area is grassy and has the perfect tree to run circles around and picnic table to chill out under (or sometimes on top of!). For the smaller guests we have a separate side yard and the grassy backyard of the kennel managers home. 

Our guests get outdoors over four times a day, with our main playtime happening between 9:30 am-12:30 pm. We love getting to know our guests and giving them the kind of attention they personally enjoy best. 

To put you and your furry friend at ease during their stay, we would love to have you come for a walk-through and organize a free orientation for your pup where they will spend a few hours here getting to know us, the grounds and our kennel rooms. 


We have full bathing facilities so if your pups has way too much fun getting dirty, or is with us for over two weeks we will ensure they go home looking and smelling good. 

Overnight Rates (Taxes not included)

Single occupancy $30
Double occupancy $40
Triple occupancy $50 

XL Kennel add $10 per night
(10% discount on stays over 2 weeks)

Medical Requirements

For the safety and health of all our guests, we ask that vaccinations are up to date. Proof of current vaccinations for;

  1. Bordetella (Canine Cough)

  2. Distemper combination (DHP/DAP)

  3. Rabies

Titre tests are accepted for Distemper/Parvo and Rabies. Please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination certificate if you are a new client or if an update to your file is needed. Puppies must have their 3rd (or equivalent) set of shots.

Other Requirements

Dogs over 12 months must be neutered, spayed. Female dogs in heat cannot be accommodated.  Aggressive dogs cannot be accommodated.