Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my dog started at Animal Magic?

At Animal Magic we like to ensure that your canine pal is going to enjoy their stay with us. Helpful in confirming that is having you, the pet parent, come for a walk-through to see if you enjoy our pet lodging and staff. This will give  you the opportunity to ask all those important questions in person and the see our pet care facility inside and out. Proceeding the walkthrough we ask to schedule your dog in for an orientation. This consists of a visit of at least three hours visit for your pup, free of charge. This gives us a chance to see how comfortable they are interacting with us, other dogs, the facilities environment and being inside of a kennel. 

What vaccinations will my dog need, do you accept the Titre Test?

For the safety and health of all our guests, we ask that vaccinations are up to date. Proof of current vaccinations for; 
1. Bordetella (Canine Cough) 
2. Distemper combination (DHP/DAP) 
3. Rabies
Titre tests are accepted for Distemper/Parvo and Rabies.    Please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination certificate if you are a new client or if an update to your file is needed.  Puppies must have their 3rd (or equivalent) set of shots.

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered?

Dogs over 12 months must be neutered/spayed. Female dogs in heat cannot be accommodated.

What should I bring for my dogs stay?

If your dogs has a favourite bed/blanket please feel to bring that along for them. We are also well stocked on cozy blankets if not. Please bring your dogs regular food. We are able to store and feed raw food and any food needing refrigeration/freezing. If your pup can only eat a certain kind of treats, please bring those. Bring any medication needed by your dog. 

Do you have restrictions on the breeds of dogs allowed at your facility?

At Animal Magic we allow all dogs the opportunity to stay with us following an orientation. We have the ability at Animal Magic to cater to the specific needs of your pets,   such as shyness or uneasiness around other dogs. As long as your dog shows it is comfortable and happy during their orientation, we will gladly provide love and care for them while you are away. 

Can my senior dog come stay at Animal Magic? 

For your older dog to come to Animal Magic you must inform us of any medical issues and/or physical restrictions they have. We must be able to contact you or a trusted emergency contact easily while you are away. 

My dog is on medication, can they come to your kennel, do you charge extra for medication administration? 

All staff members at Animal Magic have experience administering several types of medications and we will do it for no extra charge. We have a clear medicine administration form we will fill out for your pet and get you to check over and sign. While you are away our staff will initial the dates and times that were provided to us for the medication to be given after they have given it. Upon your return you may see the record of administration to ease any worries. It is also important that you let us know if your pet is just starting this medication or if he/she has been taking it awhile with no issues. 

Can I still book my dog in if I am from out of town and unable to do a walk-through and orientation?  

Having completed a walk-through and orientation is the ideal situation, however we understand that is not always possible. If you give us a call and spend some time discussing your dogs characteristics and past experience with daycare/boarding we can make a decision based on that. Please be aware that if your pet is very distressed with being separated from you, that can be unhealthy for your loved pet and for the peace of the other guests and staff. We will contact you if this is the case and get some tips, from those who know them best, on how to make them more comfortable. 

How early do I need to book, what is your cancellation policy?

We always suggest that you book your dog in as soon as you have some estimated dates of departure and arrival. We have no cancellation charges and it is never a problem if you have to make some slight changes to your dogs stay. Christmas bookings should be made a year in advance

Do you have more questions?

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